Police surveillance threatens our privacy and endangers our liberties. No one, especially people of color who are most targeted, can feel safe when government can track you from your home to your place of worship, to the doctor and to your political meetings.
St. Louis is currently expanding the Real Time Intelligence Center, a hub for street cameras, Shotspotter, License Plate Readers and more. City leaders are also toying with the idea of contracting Persistent Surveillance--a plan to fly spy planes over the city continuously. CAPCR and our allies are fighting back.
Mayor Pushing Dangerous Surveillance Policy
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Privacy Watch
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The Privacy Watch coalition formed to show the dangers of government surveillance and stop it where we can.
Our current struggle involves passage of  BB 94, which would provide aldermanic oversight over any surveillance technologies, protect civil liberties, and require annual evaluations before re-approval.
Body Cams
An earlier coalition, Drone Free St. Louis,  put together a model body cam policy. several coalition members opposed body cams altogether as 24/7 government surveillance. Still, we all agreed that these policies should be implemented IF body cams were to be used.
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