Campaign for

Real Public Safety


ReEnvision  ReInvest  ReBuild


STL currently employs

1185 officers 

and is the

11th highest policed

city in the US

“Arrest & Incarcerate” has been the response to crime for the last 30 years, leaving us with overflowing jails & prisons, lives and communities destroyed and with little to no increase in public safety. It is a failed model. Across the nation, communities are imagining a new paradigm of public safety in order to proactively address the root causes of crime. Re-Investing in Public Safety would redirect money from the arrest & incarcerate model to partnerships with social services.

The Campaign for Real Public, therefore, has three components:

1) Divesting from Police

2) Re-Investing through implementation of Cure Violence as a first-step alternative to policing

3) Re-Investing through building the Health Department and other social services in order to build communities and create an environment where people are truly safe.

To see the full presentation, click here.


If  you would like us to present to your neighborhood group, church group or social justice organization, please contact us at 314-332-1262.


Divesting from Police


Police are eating up our city budget, simultaneously making community investment impossible and failing to solve our violent crime problem. In the process, they reign violence upon our communities. CAPCR advocates a process of immediately pulling money from the SLMPD budget and beginning to imagine a world where we no longer need police at all.

Sound unlikely? It's definitely a long term goal. But these resources will help sketch out the road map:

Our pamphlet on abolition is here.

What to do instead of calling police? See some options here.

For further reading, look here.

Cure Violence
CAPCR is pushing to implement Cure Violence in St. Louis. This is an effective program to interrupt the spread of violence by viewing it as a public health issue. Cure Violence hires people from affected communities who mediate and deescalate disputes. They also hook youth up to job and education programs, and work with existing community networks to strengthen social bonds. Cure Violence does not work with police, thereby better building trust on the streets.
A New Public Health Approach
Cure Violence (Cont'd)
Want to join a campaign working group?
Come to our meeting the second Thursday of each month. It's at the Deaconess Center, 1000 North Vanderventer, 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm.
Stay tuned for our full list of endorsers, coming soon.
See which candidates endorsed our campaign during the March 2019 race for Board Alders here.

Building the Health Dept. & Social Services

The Health Department currently receives less than 1% of the City's General Fund Budget. Our goal is to build Health Dept. capacity so it can provide the services people need to thrive. What programs would you like to see?

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