The Facts: SWAT Killing of Isaiah Hammett

What we know so far…
1. Isaiah, aged 21, lived with and took care of his disabled grandfather, a Vietnam vet.
2. The police SWAT unit entered the house on June 7, 2017. Isaiah was dead within minutes. The police did not produce a search warrant for almost 6 hours.
3. Police claim Isaiah was forewarned by his own surveillance camera stationed outside the house. The surveillance system had not worked for years.
4. Police claim Isaiah fired an AK-47 at them. The family claims the gun, which was legally purchased, did not work.
5. A forensic expert who examined the house found no evidence that any guns were fired toward police. All bullet holes appear to have been made by fire coming from the police.
6. Bullet holes in the floor show that police fired at Isaiah after he was already down.
7. Isaiah’s grandfather states Isaiah retreated from his own bedroom to his grandfather’s room, got the disabled man out of bed and onto the floor to protect him from incoming fire, and said that he did not know who was attacking the house.
8. The grandfather states Isaiah had no gun while in the bedroom or when he left it. He was shot almost immediately thereafter.
9. The search warrant states that police were looking for guns and drugs. All guns seized by police were legally obtained. Police claim only to have found “a quantity” of marijuana.
Isaiah’s family deserves a fair and independent investigation to explain what happened in this case.
Police need to reveal the names of officers involved, stop vilifying Isaiah, and stop spreading a story that does not fit with the facts!
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