Ferguson Consent Decree

Since Mike Brown was murdered on August 9, 2014, the St. Louis community has been focused on achieving justice.
CAPCR originally participated in the Don't Shoot Coalition to provide support for those on the streets.
In 2015,  we began working with the Ferguson Collaborative, made up primarily of people of color from Ferguson. Our work has centered on making sure that the Consent Decree is an adequate means of transforming policing in Ferguson.
Dept of Justice Ferguson Report here.
Ferguson Collaborative
The Collaborative fought to make the Consent Decree as strong as possible, surveyed the community on policing, and got an open forum with Monitor applicants. It continues to push for a strong community voice to make changes meaningful.
Collaborative's "Declaration of Independence from Law Enforcement" here.
The Struggle Continues...







The Consent Decree creates the Neighborhood Policing Steering Committee as an advisory group. With members on many NPSC committees, the Collaborative is working to influence policies and change municipal codes.
We recently won regular 30 day comment periods on all policies before they are finalized.

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